CARRIEVERSE Grand Open, Spearheading the Global Web3 Market.

SEOUL, South Korea, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Carrieverse Co., Ltd. has announced the grand opening of its Web3 metaverse game, ‘Carrieverse’, on the 28th of this month. It will be released in most regions around the world, and is expected to attract more than 1.2 million pre-registered users, especially from Vietnam and Indonesia.

Since the early-access opening of the Asia 1 server on August 17th of 2023, Carrieverse has gradually expanded by opening in various other regions. With its opening in India on November 2023, the daily visitors (DAU) exceeded 10,000. After opening in Thailand and South America, the DAU reached more than 30,000 and has maintained it ever since. Revenue has also gradually increased, especially in Thailand’s Play Store, where it reached 19th in overall and 5th in casual gross rankings. As of now, downloads have surpassed 500,000. The trading volume of $CVTX, a governance token, has also been steadily increasing since the end of March when the global open was initially announced. 

During the large-scale update in March, which was conducted before the global open, attendance events and various contents were updated. Fishing updates, the key content of the game, have also been implemented with the number of users and sales vastly increasing through the introduction of automatic fishing and gauge difficulty adjustments. On April 1st, a fishing competition for all global users will be held, as well as an airdrop event that is worth up to $2,000 within the community.

The CEO of Carrieverse, David Yoon, has stated, “With the flow of players from Vietnam and Indonesia, game statistics are expected to increase,” while adding that “A sound ecosystem is being created due to the increase of on-chain data such as wallet generation and conversion of $CVTX, a governance token, as well as the increased incineration of Celeb, which can be exchanged for $CVTX.. The value of the game and $CVTX will continue to rise further.”

More information about Carrieverse is available through the Official Carrieverse Community.

Official Carrieverse Community


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