Microsoft Makes Strides in Quantum Computing

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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is making waves in the quantum computing field with a groundbreaking development in partnership with Quantinuum.

Quantum computing relies on qubits for storing and processing information. However, current qubits are prone to errors, limiting their practical use. Microsoft’s approach involves enhancing the quality of physical qubits and utilizing advanced techniques to create more reliable virtual qubits, known as logical qubits.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Quantinuum has led to a significant advancement in quantum error correction. By coupling Microsoft’s qubit-virtualization system with Quantinuum’s specialized hardware, the team achieved multiple active syndrome extractions without compromising the logical qubits. This breakthrough allows for longer and more complex computations without failures, marking a key milestone in quantum computing.

With the integration of highly reliable logical qubits into Azure Quantum Elements, Microsoft aims to offer a hybrid computing experience, combining cloud high-performance computing with advanced AI models and enhanced quantum-computing capabilities. The company is also working on developing topological qubits to further reduce error rates.

Microsoft’s achievement meets three essential criteria for advancing from noisy, intermediate-scale quantum computing to reliable quantum computing. These criteria include achieving a significant gap between logical and physical error rates, correcting individual circuit errors, and generating entanglement between logical qubits. With this breakthrough, Microsoft has demonstrated active syndrome extraction on two logical qubits, signaling a move towards reliable quantum computing.

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