Tego Cyber Inc. Gives Crucial Update on the Commercialization of the First Version of Its Threat Intelligence Application (TGCB)

Tego Cyber Inc.

Cybercrimes have been on the rise in recent years, and they have brought devastating impacts to the companies they have affected. This growing menace necessitates more drastic measures to curb it. In the wake of this, Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB: TGCB), a cyber security outfit located in Las Vegas, Nevada, developed a cyber threat intelligence application that integrates with top-end security platforms to collate, analyze, and proactively identify cyber threats to an enterprise network. 

Tego Cyber Inc., on May 24th, announced that the first version of Tego Guardian, which has been integrated with the Splunk SIEM platform, will soon be commercialized. In the update, the cyber security outfit provided details on the company’s path-to-market strategy to monetize this cyber threat intelligence application. “Tego Guardian gives enterprises the ability to quickly track threats throughout their networks, mapping out exposures and expediting remediation. Tego Guardian integrates with the widely used Splunk Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.” This makes Tego Guardian available to download through Splunk’s marketplace.

With Tego having undergone testing with a Fortune 500 company, the next step is to make it accessible to all enterprises. Brent Watkins, Director of Business Development at Tego Cyber Inc., said, “Due to the sensitivity of the environments our application integrates into, the initial sales process has to be tactful and very hands-on. A level of trust must be established through personal contact. It is imperative to develop trust and show that Tego understands the security challenges they face 24/7/365.” 

According to Shannon Wilkinson, “Tego Guardian recently saved a large multinational Fortune 500 company from a large-scale ransomware from infecting their systems and causing them potential financial and brand reputation loss”.

Splunk has a user base of over 15,000 corporate enterprises. The Spunk version of Tego Guardian will initially retail for $75,000 per license per year, representing a total addressable market of $1.125 billion for the initial version. Mrs. Wilkinson, in her statement, said,

“We are confident that with the current marketing effort, Tego Guardian will gain traction within the cybersecurity threat intelligence market space. Ultimately, we want Tego Guardian to become a recognized standard add-on to any Splunk SIEM platform.”

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