22Cans New Game “Legacy” Launches on Gala Games

JACKSON, Wyo., Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From widgets to worlds – Legacy, from esteemed game developer 22Cans studio and pioneering Web3 entertainment company Gala Games, is an enormous open world of opportunity that allows budding entrepreneurs to create and manage all components of a business and the town that keeps it running. Launching today for Mac and PC on Gala Games, Legacy is a business sim and city management game where players design, build, and take care of a corporation and the company town that houses it.

Creativity and customization drive every decision in Legacy. Town builders conceive and grow a factory by designing and manufacturing unique products to sell and trade on the market, with the goal of maximizing profits on their journey to be a mega management mogul. Everyone starts small and turns their enterprise into an empire after developing their specialized products created using any of the thousands of unique parts offered in game. Every decision is up to the business creator as they can design all aspects of their ecosystem from the products they sell, the factories that produce them, the town and homes where their workers live, and much more.  Managing the pipelines and expanding products and manufacturing adds additional levels of complexity, as town creators oversee every worker, factory, road, house, and town facilities. Competitive events challenge players to test their skills, product quality, and town uniqueness.

There is fierce competition too! The town’s entrepreneurs strive to acquire commodities, craft best-selling products, maintain a satisfied workforce, and make moral and logistical choices that impact their success. The decisions made regarding worker treatment, social and environmental impact, and more are woven into the game’s narrative, influencing outcomes. Achieving success in “Legacy” requires a careful balance of efficiency, commercial acumen, and effective town leadership to keep workers content. Additionally, players must strategically choose to expand into multiple markets or specialize in a product that becomes indispensable to others.

“Everything in Legacy is in the players’ hands and creativity is the only limitation in the game,” said Iain Wright, Design Director at 22Cans. “We designed the game using some of the best features found in simulation games and then brought the genre into a new dimension by adding blockchain technology, creating a real-world economics system to tie into the game’s business world.”

“Legacy” introduces elements such as player ownership, play-to-earn, and NFTs. The inclusion of blockchain technology provides an avenue for players to turn a real-world profit by listing their businesses for sale. When assets such as workers or factories are traded, the skills and benefits associated with NFTs are transferred to the purchasing player. Owning a land NFT allows players to initiate their in-game blockchain business association, where players can earn and own their gameplay. Land NFTs were made available for sale in December 2021, with fans investing over $42 million to secure industrial zones for their product development. Land Owners can also distribute Legacy Keys to others, fostering collaboration and shared wealth in the ecosystem.

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22Cans is a development company with award winning releases, Godus and The Trail, 22Cans’ development philosophy is to create original, unique, world class gaming hits.

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