LOCH Technologies, the leader in Zero Trust Security for next-generation communications, and Crius Technology Group, leaders in providing Alternative Networking™, enter into a Strategic Research and Development Partnership to Provide Zero-Day and Zero-Trust Security in new alternative power grid networking

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the event of a major network outage, such as those caused by natural disasters or cyber-attacks, Crius Technology can provide an alternative pathway for internet and communication services. The Crius solution can ensure the continuity of critical services and communications vital for emergency services or mission-critical ICS/OT networks.  The ability to re-route IP Ethernet traffic over the power grid lines during a catastrophic outage offers significant benefits.

“Access to an on-demand Alternative Network (™), utilizing existing power grid lines for data transmission, provides the quickest solution compared to repairing traditional communication lines. Put simply, leveraging existing electrical infrastructure for communication is more cost-effective than constructing new network lines, said David Pierson, Founder and CEO of Crius Technology Group.

We are excited about our partnership with LOCH Technologies as network communications now traverses the new multi-access edge of cellular, broad-spectrum RF, and Wi-Fi networks. LOCH provides Zero Trust security enforcement and DDR (Data Detection and Response(™) for encrypted as well as non-encrypted data and anomaly behavior analysis of layers 0, 1, and 2, ensuring that any Crius Alternative Network (™) failover is free from malware or other vulnerabilities. The LOCH capability provides zero-day security anomaly detection, which is an unparalleled innovation and a must-have for Crius.

LOCH Technologies safeguards the RF spectrum of devices communicating beyond the standard 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, extending to Cellular 4G/5G, CBRS and Private LTE, Bluetooth/BLE, as well as 802.15.4 – the broad-spectrum RF frequencies used by IoT devices.

Furthermore, coupled with LOCH’s recent acquisition of Avirtek for Self-Protection of ICS/OT networks and services, Avirtek technology provides the ability to offer ‘Autonomic’ (self-protection) capabilities with intelligent automated responses, removing the human out of the loop. Avirtek’s Data Behavior Analysis leverages Autoencoder ML to learn data traffic patterns, irrespective of the data being encrypted or not.  This approach eliminates the ‘people’ factor as the weakest link in the kill-chain. Moreover, its instantaneous design ensures immediate, proactive responses with zero-day protection, ensuring robust and efficient security.

I am excited to work with David and his team. The Crius CommCube technology for Alternative Networking (™) failover to the power grid network is impressive to see in action. Adding the LOCH capabilities of Zero-Trust and DDR (Data Detection and Response (™) for data validation before an IP is assigned will help secure critical infrastructure, said Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO of LOCH Technologies.

About LOCH

LOCH is a global leader in next-generation wireless threat monitoring. The company provides actionable threat intelligence across cellular, broad-spectrum RF, and Wi-Fi networks, helping organizations improve their security posture and reduce risk.  Additionally, the DDR (Data Detection and Response) brings Zero-Day protection to traditional IP networks and non-IP ICS networks irrespective of the medium or the protocol used for communications.

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About Crius

Crius Technology Group provides Alternative Networking (™), delivering a reliable contingency for internet and communication services, preserving essential services and communications, which are crucial for emergency responders and imperative for the uninterrupted operation of mission-critical IT, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) networks by diverting IP Ethernet traffic through power grid lines.

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