Microsoft Stock Fell Despite Launching a Cybersecurity AI Chatbot

Microsoft Stock

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

On Tuesday, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) took another step toward strengthening its position in the artificial intelligence industry by unveiling its new Security Copilot chatbot. This bot is designed to assist business experts in resolving crucial cybersecurity concerns. Despite it, Microsoft stock declined slightly today in the market. 

In a blog post published by the firm, Microsoft revealed further information on Security Copilot. The company said that the artificial intelligence technology provides cybersecurity defenders with “a much-needed tool to swiftly identify and react to attacks and better understand the threat landscape overall.”

The new chatbot is directly related to the cooperation that Microsoft has formed with ChatGPT developer OpenAI and its new GPT-4 broad language model. According to Microsoft, Security Copilot will be able to work seamlessly with security teams and will provide businesses with the capacity “to monitor what is occurring in their environment, learn from current information, correlate threat behavior, and make better educated, efficient choices at machine speed.”

Vasu Jakkal, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Security, said that up until now, cybersecurity authorities have often been forced to wage an asymmetric struggle against persistent and sophisticated attackers. He added that with the release of Security Copilot, “we are tipping the balance of power in our favor.”

As of late, Microsoft has been one of the tech giants leading the charge in artificial intelligence (AI), thanks to an investment in OpenAI that has been described as spanning “many years and multiple billions of dollars.” After receiving complaints that some users could see the chats of other users, OpenAI took the temporary measure of disabling the history capability on ChatGPT last week.

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