OASIS Medical Inc. Brings a New Shape to Punctal Occlusion

Introducing the New SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug

GLENDORA, Calif., April 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OASIS® Medical Inc., manufacturer and distributor of disposable surgical solutions and dry eye solution brands Oasis TEARS® and SOFT PLUG® punctal plugs launch the SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug at ASCRS booth 2675 in Boston.

SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plugs are designed with a .25mm tapered end for ease of insertion into the punctal opening. The plug then gradually widens to a .6mm diameter at the top end to contribute to occlusion of the canaliculus. After insertion through the punctal opening and into the canaliculus it degrades in approximately 180 days.

SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plugs are made from degradable polydioxanone monofilament. SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plugs are intended to temporarily block tear drainage by the occlusion of the canaliculus to temporarily treat dry eye syndrome and the dry eye components of various ocular surface diseases. The medium-term degradable plug temporarily enhances the efficacy of topical medications or ocular lubricants, temporarily treats contact lens intolerance, temporarily treats dry eye after ocular surgery, and can also be used to determine the potential effectiveness of permanent occlusion.

“I have been using the long duration punctal plugs for over 5 years. Oasis recently upgraded the long duration plug to have a tapered edge. The ease of insertion is amazing, and it benefits the patient by allowing a larger diameter plug to be inserted.” Dr. Lacey Thames, Optometrist, Focus Vision & Eye Care.

SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plugs are supplied sterile, two plugs per pouch, so that a plug can be placed into each canaliculus. The reference number is 6210. They are currently packed with a total of 40 plugs, or 20 pouches per box. 

The addition of SOFT PLUG® Extended Duration 180-T Tapered Plug to OASIS line of dry eye solutions brings a robust selection of punctal occlusion to eye care providers in the US. There is no CE mark currently. The effort towards this is in-progress.

For more information about OASIS vision care or surgical solutions, a catalog can be downloaded from www.oasismedical.com. Alternatively, visit www.myoasis360.com for educational plug information and to order, or call (844) 820-8940.

About OASIS® Medical Inc. OASIS is a continuous improvement company deeply committed to truth in its business approach, relationships, and products based on our foundation of accountability. Our goal is to create a partnership for OASIS and the doctor so that both parties achieve a win. From the beginning, OASIS has been a practice-based company focused on building dry eye and surgical practices through the various tools we offer. OASIS invests in the long term through our strategic partnerships with eye care providers. This investment helps the doctor improve the quality of the patient’s eye care experience. As consultants we are willing to invest time and equip the doctor with how our approach can assist their practice. This strategy allows OASIS to thrive by being relevant through focusing on the patient care experience and efficiency of the individual practice. Our values of integrity and quality guide our commitment to solution-based products that enhance patient care.

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