Rumble Stock Dropped When Russell Brand Joined the Social Platform’s Inaugural Pay-per-View Special

Rumble Stock


Comedian Russell Brand will enter the pay-per-view video industry with the help of the internet platform Rumble (NASDAQ:RUM), whose cloud services provider runs the social media site Truth Social.

Rumble stock announced on Wednesday that regular viewers could buy the new comedy special from Brand, titled Brandemic, commencing at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on March 15 for $19.99. The announcement was made. Rumble will be launching its very first pay-per-view with this event. Rumble Locals option annual customers will get access to Brandemic as part of their membership packages and can view the show.

Rumble is marketing the stand-up special that Russell Brand has recorded as “a cry for freedom, a call for unity, and a call for sanity.” The so-called lie that governments have used to tamp down on public disagreement regarding how COVID-19 arose and the lockdowns mask requirements, and other limitations put in place during the epidemic is one of the themes Brand has talked extensively about in recent times. He has termed it “the deceit.”

Brand has also been vocal about recent reports claiming that federal authorities now think COVID-19 originated at a research center in Wuhan, China. He made a jest on the issue in a statement advertising his stand-up special on Rumble and has continued to speak out about the matter.

Brand prompted the audience with the question, “Ask yourself.” “Could this special be shown on mainstream media, and did it begin in a laboratory or a wet market?” “Can this special be aired on mainstream media?”

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