Venture Valley Business Simulation Video Game Named “Best of 2023” for Secondary Education (Grades 9-12) by Tech & Learning Magazine

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that its free Venture Valley game on PC (via Steam) and mobile (iOS and Android) has been awarded the prestigious title of “Best of 2023 for Secondary Education” by Tech & Learning Magazine. The accolade recognizes Venture Valley for its exceptional contribution to educational technology, supporting teachers and students with entrepreneurship and business acumen throughout 2023.

Venture Valley is a free-to-play game (no ads or in-app purchases) that has been designed to provide financial education through a combination of competitive esports-style multiplayer play and a captivating single-player campaign featuring 35 entertaining missions.

Tech & Learning Magazine’s expert judges evaluated hundreds of nominations, seeking products that addressed specific educational challenges and demonstrated outstanding support for teaching and learning in 2023. Venture Valley stood out by offering a unique solution to enhance financial literacy and entrepreneurship education.

Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation, expressed her excitement, stating, “We couldn’t be happier. This Tech & Learning award further validates the power of gamified learning and the effectiveness of the Venture Valley game in teaching entrepreneurship and financial literacy.”

To underscore the game’s effectiveness, the Venture Valley team conducted a survey with renowned Dubit research analysts and educators aligned with Discovery Education. The results revealed that nearly 70% of college students who played the game expressed increased interest in starting a business. Students and educators alike confirmed that game-based learning, exemplified by Venture Valley, is a powerful method for teaching critical financial and business literacy skills.

Venture Valley immerses players in the highs and lows of entrepreneurship within a risk-free environment, empowering young adults to build financial and business basics through competitive esports-style multiplayer play. Players learn real financial and business skills as they expand their business from small enterprises like pet-walking to more complex ventures such as a drone factory, a dating app development firm, a robot manufacturer, and more.

The game has received numerous awards for its innovative and effective approach to teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship through a medium that resonates with the target market – video games. After incorporating Venture Valley into their classrooms and assignments, teachers reported that the game significantly contributed to teaching financial literacy and helping students retain business-related concepts.

Venture Valley Educator Resources

  • A partnership with YIPPEE, the go-to marketplace for entrepreneurship education for grades K-12, brings the Venture Valley game to even more educators through its listing in the YIPPEE Exchange. The YIPPEE Exchange is an easily accessible resource for educators looking to teach entrepreneurial skills and business acumen in an engaging way. YIPPEE is a product of the Young Entrepreneur Institute (YEI) and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. It connects educators to a host of free entrepreneurial resources and one another – empowering them to share their experiences and offer lessons that build real-world skills.

  • An EdWeb webinar on ‘Using Video Games to Ignite the Entrepreneur Inside Every Student’ lets educators discover ways to bridge classroom learning and real-world business. Educators learn how to teach and inspire students to become their own boss. Using the free, award-winning Venture Valley game, educators can easily teach business concepts in a fun way to help students better understand all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

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